How It Feels When Your Best Friend Gets Married

Few days back it was my best friend’s wedding.   I had traveled to where he’s getting married a month before the wedding ceremony just to help out in the planning of the wedding.  I had a long holiday and thought to travel just to be with him at a time where he may need his friend the most.

We went together to get the tuxedo suit. We thought about the wedding hall, the playlist, the cake, the dance floor, and many more..

One week before the wedding I had to go back to the office for some quick work to be done and later I flew back to be with him during the time and of course attend the ceremony.

His plan of getting married to Weam ( his wife now! ) goes back to where he was a little boy of the age 13.   He knew her really long time back.  I remember days when he used to come to me and talk about his experience with her.  He used to be very excited and motivation to carry on with this relationship.

They both live separately in two different countries that is 3 hours far by plane, but one day, years back during college time she had planned to visit the country to see him..  The moment he had heard the news he jumped like a crazy fellow, trying to make everything right just to be ready when she’s around.  I’ve never seen him this happy before and from this time on I thought this is my best friend’s girl and I was pretty sure they’ll continue on for their marriage.

In our culture we usually don’t do speeches for best man.. but this time he had asked me to be his best man and so I thought of preparing a speech.  It took sometime to figure out what am I supposed to tell as we had so many life experiences together and I wanted to bring the best of it.  I went through for days to think but finally I was able to put it all together in one.

On the day of the event I had delivered the speech and everybody was happy, specially Khalid and Weam and I was so thankful everything went right. After the wedding and after I greeted both the bride and the groom I had some mixed feelings.  I felt really happy for him getting finally what he wanted since he was little boy, just to be with this girl.  But I also felt somehow alone which was a very strange feeling that I’ve never experienced before.  Even though I’ve been living by myself for the past three years abroad, I never had such feeling before. It’s very emotional and I am still going through some mixed thoughts and feelings, but after all I think he deserves the best and I am sure he’ll find the best and even more with Waem. She’s a lovely woman with great personality and both of them are so wonderful together with so much to look forward to.






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