My Online Reputation is Worth Checking Out

shutterstock_197079635The Internet offers a wide range of information some of which related to people you know, don’t know, relatives, friends, and some are related to you in particular.   This information can be news, events, gatherings, photos, or even personal posts.   It can have great positive impact on you and your beloved ones, but it can also have a great negative impact on your reputation.

In these days, with this great development in science and technology and particularly the Internet, it can take a few clicks to get to know more about an individual.  It can help build a picture of what he or she likes.  Help understand their habits, know their beloved ones or the places they like going to.   As though this could be very helpful to get to know someone easily and fast, it can also prevent an individual from being able to control and protect what people can do with their information online.  They can share it with strangers and people they didn’t want to share this with at the first place.  This can have a dramatic impact on someone’s present and future in some cases.

Though this may seem hard to control with the Internet being open wide for everyone to check at any given time,  yet it can be manageable in a way that put you up in a very good condition to help you build good healthy reputation online.  With a little research, I’ve discovered the following options to start off with in order to get your reputation and the reputation of those who you care about good and healthy on this medium called the “virtual world”.

Search Yourself

Search your name on Google and create “Google alert” on your name to keep track of any content related.  You can have it mailed back to you “automatically”.  This can be done “as it happens”, “once a day”, or even “once a week”.  Choose whatever you like that keeps you aware and doesn’t necessarily overwhelm your inbox with junk you don’t need as some information may not be related at all to you.

N.B.  this is how you can create and manage Google alerts. Follow this link at Salty Dog Interactive.

Get your Domain Name

This is something you may want to consider as buying a domain name that matches your identity online helps keep your profile branding both healthy and reachable as well.  You can have it from places like GoDaddy, JustHost, HostGator, and many more..  This can help you build and keep alive information that you precisely want the public to see.

Keep it All in One

Make sure all your content link back to one place so when people visit your profile on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other site they can be directed to your website “”.  This helps you control and manage what people see and learn about you.

Keep it Private If it’s Private

You really don’t want to share embarrassing photos, posts, or videos even if at some point they may bring laughter.  While moments in life are good to share with friends and family, it may also be as well good to consider thinking of how you’re going to share them before they go viral.

-Better individual for a better society-





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