Live to Earn | Earn to Live

Many people work hard every day to save money to cover their future expenses. On the other hand, some prefer to use their income to live the present moment, with no regard to what the future may have in store for them. In my opinion, I believe both are valid views but need always to be measured and balanced. Throughout the following paragraphs, I’d like to share my strategy in defining a balanced lifestyle, that may help you enjoy the present and plan for the future.


High life demands on families and individuals can prevent them from enjoying life at the current state and rather think of the future. Parents are always striving hard to save more money to help their kids get a good education. They also keep more income to help with their medical treatment when needed. Moreover, single adults are working hard every day just so they’re able to provide for their future families. For just those reasons, and perhaps many others, people find it hard to enjoy life at the present moment. Plan for trips abroad to enjoy a family vacation. And sometimes, it becomes difficult to have a nice dinner gathering.


In my experience, I struggle with the same. I’ve been working for the past ten years so that I can provide for my future family. I know some if not the majority share with me the same endeavor. However, in recent years, I started to look into ways of balancing my life so that I can live the present moment, and yet be able to plan for my future. In the following, I lay out some ideas which I had come across which can change the way you look at life.


The idea is to be able to generate more income streams, aside from your current job. Internet marketing, stock market, real estate business, or even personal branding can all be options as a start. With Internet marketing, you can sell products and services using the power of the Internet and social media to reach out to your customers. Marketing and especially “Internet” marketing can have good returns on your investment, only if taken serious enough. With the stock market, you can invest capital in a currently stable market, and have good steady returns. The stock market may require some financial background, so you’re able to assess the intrinsic value of companies before investing. Moreover, you can start looking at real estate business or even brand yourself for whatever service or product you can offer to the public.


In conclusion, I am only suggesting ways which I find useful and thought you as well can look into. This may help you discover what you can do for yourself to generate some passive income streams. It can be a paradigm shift if taken seriously. Furthermore, with life demands, another source of income (if not many) is quite a must in today’s world.


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