The Braided River

This masterpiece is essential for both migrants and citizens. We need more effort from each side to learn about the other and what it takes to build a productive society built upon understanding, acceptance of diversity, and trust. The more we know, the better we’re equipped. I believe the research captured in this book can help bridge the gap between migrants and citizens.

As a migrant, I am in awe of what I learned and keep learning because of what I read and understood about the 37 migrants and their 200 personal essays. I am incredibly grateful for this masterpiece.

Dr. Comer has captured the essence of migration and what it feels like to be a migrant. I loved every tale and how everything intertwined to help the reader see the impact of migration, but more importantly, have a VOICE to share their uniquely formed narrative. I believe the world needs that more than ever as more people try to find meaning and a sense of belonging in new and foreign territories.

Forever grateful to have stumbled onto this great work.

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