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  • What You Need to Secure Zoom Meetings and Webinars

    What You Need to Secure Zoom Meetings and Webinars

    In the last two weeks, we heard and read an enormous amount of information on the Zoom platform, some are true while many are false. There has been a debate among security professionals on whether the platform is a malware or a legitimate business solution.   I believe it is entirely legitimate, but with some […]

  • Facebook | 5 Steps to Recover and Secure a Compromised Account!

    The dependency on Facebook and its data has become a vital part of our day to day life.  Most of the people in this generation can not easily live without Facebook ( myself included ).  It has played and is still playing a quite significant role in our businesses and personal lives. We heavily use […]

  • My Online Reputation is Worth Checking Out

    The Internet offers a wide range of information some of which related to people you know, don’t know, relatives, friends, and some are related to you in particular.   This information can be news, events, gatherings, photos, or even personal posts.   It can have great positive impact on you and your beloved ones, but it can […]

  • What Technology is Good at and Why People are Better??

    Technology is good, but people are better.  Technology is good, but not good enough.  Technology is the base, but we make it happen! You might have seen those words written before in articles, published in newspapers and magazines, or even spoken by well-known people, and today I will share with you why I think they’re […]

  • Privacy is Our Priority!

    Millions of people, old and young, use the Internet for a variety of reasons. We use it to search for information, share files, listen to music, watch movies, play games, and to communicate both verbally and in writing with friends and family. The Internet can be used for pleasure, work, research etc… with so much […]