Why Not Spread LOVE!

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Why is it so hard to love one another and create experiences that can last longer? Why do we mostly use the word love with just those we are in a love relationship with and not the ordinary people around us who also take a big part in creating our life experiences? I often ask these questions, but I continuously find it challenging to get answers. I even spoke to family and friends about my experiences, in an attempt trying to find reasons.

But why would it matter so much to use the word love in most of our conversations? How much better our world would be if we think of love before hatred? If we think about the good before the bad? If we reached out to help others before asking for help?

In an attempt to find answers, I’d like to share a model for L.O.V.E which resonates with me all the way. I’d also want to use it more often, and I’d encourage you all to try and do the same.  It would be fascinating to see how this might change the way we think, act and support one another.


Learn to be Kind and Vulnerable

Learning to be kind is a great act that is often overlooked while we’re busy chasing our goals and dreams. People find it quite hard to be kind most of the time.

Through varies discussions with friends and people I know, I find some believe that being kind and vulnerable are signs of weakness. I would argue against that 100% of the time. I think becoming more kind, compassionate, and vulnerable help us reach each other’s hearts which can then create moments that last. It could be that simple word you didn’t choose to say, i.e. “Thank You.” Or maybe the discussion on being mistaken which you didn’t want to talk about, so you don’t show your flaws.

On the contrary, saying thank you most of the time creates good vibes and make people want to help and support you more often. Being vulnerable and genuine enough with yourself before with others help create a powerful channel of communication between you and the world.


Observe the Good in Others

Finding the bad is pretty easy cause we would only look at what bothers us and point it out. Besides that, we are so good at it, aren’t we?! However, finding the good can be quite tough as it requires more time and effort to learn about the people around us, but it’s worth it. Even if the bad is more than the good, finding what’s valuable about individuals you interact with every day helps make them open to ideas and new levels of hope. It helps create those experiences that are unforgettable.

People like to be appreciated and saying one good thing about them will keep them remember it forever. You wouldn’t believe how much influence it can have, specially on those that matter the most.


Volunteer to Help Others in Need

Every one of us can always find something they can do to help others around them. It doesn’t have to be a monetary value that you willing to give. It could merely be quality-time to spend to listen to their stories and life experiences. It could be a ride that you willing to give to someone.

Finding those things that we have and can offer to others may change their and our lives entirely. Giving back is a one way to look at it. Simple acts of kindness can be quite influential in changing people’s minds and behaviors.


Enhance Your Life Quality

After all, creating quality in your life can yield the ultimate happiness, but are we taking steps towards that?

We often miss focusing on what matters the most: ourselves. We follow what people want us to believe. We pursue opinions because it’s easier than forming our own. We try and be present at every party or gathering because we think it will help keep us connected with those we like.

Moreover, and as a result, we miss giving enough time to help ourselves heal from inside before the outside. We forget to take enough time to understand our needs and wants, and “who we are and what we represent to the world.”  Moments and times like these are quite crucial in helping us reach our optimum potential and live our lives with qualities that produce good memories.

Living healthier and longer can all depend on how we live at the present moment. Are we taking enough time to spread kinds and love to those around us?  Are we continually looking for what could be valuable than what could be wrong in others?  Are we offering enough help to those we know? And last but not least, are we looking at the inside before the outside?

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. — Carl Jung

Hope you enjoy the read, and I like to know in the comments below your thoughts on creating more love in the world we live in today.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading. Much love your way!


Why Sometimes It’s Important Not to be Perfect

In this blog today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on my year 2014, and what I gained and was able to achieve during this whole year.

It was quite challenging in many different senses, feelings, achievements, and goals that I set for myself.  From the beginning I made one promise and only one. I promised myself not to let down any opportunity I get exposed to.

On top of my to list was to join Toastmasters community in Qatar to improve my communication skills and gain more confidence with large crowd. At first I was scared of how am I going to be part of it. I never had experience with public speaking and that was a big challenge, but if I had thought deeply and tried to analyze it more probably I wouldn’t have gone this far where I stand today.

In just the first year in Toastmasters I was able to deliver 6 speeches in front of big crowd, some of them were repeated in different other occasions and in front of bigger crowd. I contributed to a speechcraft program where we helped more new interested candidates to learn more about public speaking and leadership and to join Toastmasters. I took part as the Evaluation Contest Chair in a public speaking competition held by the Division in Qatar; a room full of people, around 300 to 400 where I delivered a speech of 5 minutes and coordinated the whole session for around an hour. And recently I competed in an international contest conducted locally in Doha and amongst 19 contestants I was able to rank the 3rd.

And in the meantime, I am the Vice President of Membership of my club ( Filcom International Toastmasters ) where I am required to help bring more new members and boost the atmosphere of current members to help retain membership. In just the first few months and with the help of our executive committee team members I was able to bring nine more new members to club.

In addition to my role as a VPM I am also leading two different projects; one is to build a new website for the club and the other is to coordinate a Youth Leadership Program for schools in Qatar to help the young generation bring more new leaders in the community.

I am very much grateful, thankful, and blessed to have been able to achieve all this and I’d like to thank all those who supported me throughout the entire year.

Aside from determination, persistence, and willing to give the maximum which is vital to have in order to reach where you dream to become, what I realised throughout the entire year is that everything I was able to achieve had one common reason behind is that I didn’t really think how perfect it is what I am doing, I only thought where I can start and that was the key of where I am today.

Please leave your comments and share your experiences..