Why It’s Important Not to be Perfect

In this blog today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on my year 2014, and what I gained and was able to achieve during this whole year.

It was quite challenging in many different senses, feelings, achievements, and goals that I set for myself.  From the beginning I made one promise and only one. I promised myself not to let down any opportunity I get exposed to.

On top of my to list was to join Toastmasters community in Qatar to improve my communication skills and gain more confidence with large crowd. At first I was scared of how am I going to be part of it. I never had experience with public speaking and that was a big challenge, but if I had thought deeply and tried to analyze it more probably I wouldn’t have gone this far where I stand today.

In just the first year in Toastmasters I was able to deliver 6 speeches in front of big crowd, some of them were repeated in different other occasions and in front of bigger crowd. I contributed to a speechcraft program where we helped more new interested candidates to learn more about public speaking and leadership and to join Toastmasters. I took part as the Evaluation Contest Chair in a public speaking competition held by the Division in Qatar; a room full of people, around 300 to 400 where I delivered a speech of 5 minutes and coordinated the whole session for around an hour. And recently I competed in an international contest conducted locally in Doha and amongst 19 contestants I was able to rank the 3rd.

And in the meantime, I am the Vice President of Membership of my club ( Filcom International Toastmasters ) where I am required to help bring more new members and boost the atmosphere of current members to help retain membership. In just the first few months and with the help of our executive committee team members I was able to bring nine more new members to club.

In addition to my role as a VPM I am also leading two different projects; one is to build a new website for the club and the other is to coordinate a Youth Leadership Program for schools in Qatar to help the young generation bring more new leaders in the community.

I am very much grateful, thankful, and blessed to have been able to achieve all this and I’d like to thank all those who supported me throughout the entire year.

Aside from determination, persistence, and willing to give the maximum which is vital to have in order to reach where you dream to become, what I realised throughout the entire year is that everything I was able to achieve had one common reason behind is that I didn’t really think how perfect it is what I am doing, I only thought where I can start and that was the key of where I am today.

Please leave your comments and share your experiences..

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