Master the Art of Hosting with Confidence and Charisma!
Dive into my newly published book "The Essential Guide to Emceeing Events," tailored for both seasoned hosts and newcomers. No prerequisites required—just your enthusiasm to excel. Learn hosting fundamentals, elevate your stage presence, craft impactful scripts, and hone your performance. Available now on Kindle and Paperback via Amazon, and soon will be available in Audio too!
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Unlock Your Hosting Potential: From Novice to National Events
Embark on my course "Getting Started with Hosting Events" to delve into event dynamics and prep tactics. Benefit from real-world insights, hands-on scriptwriting, and personal anecdotes. Perfect for beginners with a knack for public speaking. No prerequisites—just your eagerness to excel. Enroll now on Udemy!
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With nearly two decades in cybersecurity, Omar blends technical prowess with industry insights. Certified as a CISSP, LA, LI and CISA among others, he's your go-to advisor for navigating cyber risks. From audits to compliance, Omar empowers businesses to thrive securely. Schedule your consultation now!
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Hi there!

I’m thrilled to connect with you! With over two decades of hands-on experience in the dynamic world of security and privacy, I’ve worn many hats – from being deeply immersed in network security engineering to providing top-notch cybersecurity consulting services. My passion lies in helping organizations like yours safeguard their invaluable data, systems, and reputation from cyber threats and compliance risks.

What sets me apart? Well, besides my extensive experience, I bring a solid technical foundation in both Windows and Linux environments, coupled with a thorough understanding of privacy regulations and risk assessment and management. Oh, and did I mention my credentials? As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), I’m all about walking the talk and bringing credibility to the table.

In my most recent role as a Senior Security Consultant/Auditor at Te Whatu Ora Health, I’ve had the privilege of leading internal audits, navigating through complex compliance processes, and providing strategic guidance on security configurations. Whether it’s evaluating national standards like the HISF framework guidance or ensuring compliance with ISO 27001, PSR, and NZISM standards, I thrive on making sure your security measures are rock solid.

Why Choose Omar?

With nearly two decades of versatile experience, Omar stands ready to deliver unmatched consulting services. His blend of technical expertise and deep industry insights ensures effective articulation of cyber risks, empowering leaders to make informed decisions. As a certified CISSP, LA, LI and CISA professional among others, Omar brings credibility and proficiency to every project. From safeguarding critical data to navigating complex regulatory landscapes, Omar’s track record as a trusted advisor speaks for itself. His recent role at Te Whatu Ora Health, where he led internal audits and provided strategic insights, underscores his commitment to excellence. Omar’s passion for empowering businesses, coupled with his eagerness to tackle new challenges, makes him the ideal partner for navigating the cybersecurity landscape with confidence and resilience. Choose Omar for your cybersecurity needs and embark on a journey to success.

My Book is Out!

Who is this book for?

  • This book is intended for professional event hosts who want to improve their craft and those who are getting started hosting an event and are enthusiastic about learning more about it.

What are the requirements or prerequisites for reading/ benefiting from my book?

  • There are no prerequisites whatsoever to reading and benefiting from the book. All you need is a desire to learn and become a great host!

What will my reader learn from my book? The readers will be able to:

  1. learn the art of hosting and the steps to get started;
  2. level up their preparedness and delivery for the next event to come
  3. write a script for national big-sized events as an Emcee
  4. develop their performance on stage and practice like a Pro!


     You can now get your Kindle or Paperback version here on Amazon!

Let’s Build Amazing Together!

With nearly two decades of expertise, Omar offers unparalleled cybersecurity consulting. Empowering leaders to navigate risks confidently, he’s your partner for success. Take action now and join Omar on your cybersecurity journey!”

Getting Started With Hosting Events

Everything you need to know


This course will introduce tactics and tricks of how events go and how you can prepare yourself to master the art of hosting.

Throughout the course, I would share my experience hosting national events. We would also have some hands-on experience with scriptwriting. I would present anecdotes from competing in public speaking to hosting national events. This course will act as your guide to mastering the art of hosting events, whether small or big.

  • Learn the art of hosting and the steps to get you started
  • Level up your preparedness and delivery for your next event to come
  • Be able to write your own script for national big-sized events as an Emcee
  • Understand how to develop your performance on stage and practice as a Pro!

This course is intended for beginners to intermediates in the world of hosting events. You may, however, have some prior experience with public speaking and that would come in handy.

There are no prerequisites whatsoever to take this course. All you need is a desire to learn and become a great host!

The course is currently available on Udemy. You can find it here.

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Hey there!

I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by, and I can’t wait to connect with you! Whether you’re a fellow cybersecurity enthusiast, a business owner looking to strengthen your security posture, or simply someone passionate about all things tech and privacy-related, I’m here to join forces and make some magic happen.

So, what’s on your mind? Are you itching to dive deep into the world of cybersecurity, explore the latest trends, and brainstorm innovative solutions? Or perhaps you’re facing some security challenges within your organization and could use a fresh perspective and some expert guidance to navigate through them? Whatever it is, I’m all ears!