About Me!

Omar is your regular host of the Qatar National Cyber Security Drill Exercise (STAR-X).

He has more than eleven years of experience in the field of Networking and Security. His experience extends to designing networks and security systems at small, medium and large level enterprise networks.

He has both project and product management experience related to, ICT, IT and toolkit development of varying scale levels. With excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English; he is skilled in managing the required collaboration among cross-functional teams and departments.

With broad exposure and engagement in multiple projects in networking and security involving more than one vendor and system, he deals quickly with diverse systems.

A couple of years back, he had facilitated an aggressive timeline for a vast scale project to support cybersecurity education nationwide in Qatar. His management of the compound and comprehensive content management system within the narrowly defined resource capacity directly contributed to timely deliverable.

Areas of interest and knowledge:
• Network Security Design and Implementation
• Cyber Security Awareness Content Development
• Cyber Security Training and National Event Hosting
• ISMS implementation
• ICT Consultation and Auditing
• Cloud Security


LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/omarfayyad

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