Where Are You From?

In this book, Lorraine and Ashley captured the essence of our ever-evolving identities and cultures. In this enlightening conversation between a mother and a daughter, a unique blend of ideas and practical advice were shared to help us all find new meanings to what matters to each of us, our identities, and our culture. What makes us who we are, what values do we cherish, and why. It helps you go back to learn your makeup through memories; each uniquely had its print on the journey you took so far.
As a third culture kid and a culturally blended citizen, it is pretty intriguing as it takes you on a path of discovery and ownership of your own identity, your blend. It helped me reflect so much on the countries, cultures, communities, and religions I had been surrounded by most of my life. Through this journey, I could see why it’s an essential conversation to have with yourself and the people you care about.
It is a highly recommended read in this ever-evolving world we live in today. It would pave the way for a more inclusive global culture and mindset where we all accept each other the way we are. It would only happen if we take the time to own our identities and culture and have the confidence to share it with the world, but also accept and respect the differences each and everyone has.
Thank you both for sharing your time in Prague with us in a conversation that took the time to marinate and come to the surface over four years and a lifetime of experiences and beautiful memories.
Culturally Blended People

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