Lifelong Learning is a State of Mind…

  • You and Your Friends

    In everyday life, we meet hundreds of people. Some come with common grounds, and others arrive with an entirely different background. We do tend to choose who we stay with and who we leave. It gets harder every time we have a choice.  These decisions can make us or break us.   People affect us […]


    Many people work hard every day to save money to cover their future expenses, yet, some prefer to use their income to live the present moment with no regard to what the future may have in store for them.  I believe both are valid views but always need to be measured and balanced. In fact, […]

  • Get Ready to Sleep Faster!

    All we need every day is to be fresh and ready to carry on. Every one of us has a different goal that they live for achieving. Whether that to run a business, build a family, get more marks on your next test, train for the next Olympic goal, or just maybe to carry on […]

  • Pokémon Go Privacy and Security Matters!

    Pokémon Go game has become so popular in the past few weeks after being launched early this month. According to Recode, technology, and media news website, Pokémon Go has an average of 9.5 million users actively using the game on the daily basis. With that said in mind and the growing demand on the mobile […]

  • “Texting While Driving” Matters!

    In today’s world, while people are constantly glued to their mobile devices, it ‘s hard to believe they communicate like the old days. In the world of technology and social media, people don’t often have face-to-face conversations with each other anymore. They use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or any other medium that allows them […]

  • TED vs. Toastmasters

    In TED, speakers talk about what they have written in books and magazines or about their work or contributions to the whole society. That is evident in the following two videos. What explains the rise of humans? – By Yuval Noah Harari Design and Destiny – By Philippe Starck That is right, however, and especially […]

  • Facebook | 5 Steps to Recover and Secure a Compromised Account!

    The dependency on Facebook and its data has become a vital part of our day to day life.  Most of the people in this generation can not easily live without Facebook ( myself included ).  It has played and is still playing a quite significant role in our businesses and personal lives. We heavily use […]

  • Sharing Life Learnings

    Sharing and learning to share are great acts I think all should practice…   In childhood, we learn the act of sharing but we never really understand its benefit until we grow older and practice it further.  We start to realize the beauty of it. We learn along the way moments of compromise and compassion […]

  • My Online Reputation is Worth Checking Out

    The Internet offers a wide range of information some of which related to people you know, don’t know, relatives, friends, and some are related to you in particular.   This information can be news, events, gatherings, photos, or even personal posts.   It can have great positive impact on you and your beloved ones, but it can […]

  • How You Can Handle Internet Addiction

    In today’s world, the Internet has given us great support for a diversity of reasons and especially to those young men and women, the teenagers.  They use the Internet to do their school assignments. They sometimes use it to play games online, or shop from online stores i.e. amazon, eBay, etc.. It has greatly impacted […]

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